Our Classes


Ballet, Jazz & Tap 

Studio 2 offers classes in ballet, jazz and tap following the Comdance (C.S.T.D) syllabus.




Develop strength, flexibility, dance and tumbling skills in a safe environment with qualified acrobatic and dance teachers. Our acro classes are highly popular ... and addictive! If you have a little circus performer at home who likes to spend more time upside down than right way up, our acro classes are for them. 

Following the Acrobaticarts Syllabus, Acro is a great combination of gymnastics and dance, all rolled into one energetic and fun class.  


One of our most popular classes, Contemporary is a wonderful form of dance that develops strength, coordination, expression, and emotion. Class has a focus on learning the Contemporary dance fundamentals of contraction, release and ‘fall-away’, while establishing strength and control through floor, counter-balance and partner work. Each class, students enjoy learning the art of dance expression by working and developing ‘teacher set’ choreography.  


As older ballet students grow in their ballet strength and technique, we offer the opportunity for them to go ‘en pointe’. Our Pointe classes (which incorporates Pre Pointe also for those students making the transition to Pointe) develops the strength and technique required for students to safely wear and use their pointe shoes. As all dancers grow and mature at different rates, the invitation to commence pointe may vary amongst students.  

International Dance Technique

IDT is an extensive program which includes progressive stretch exercises and age appropriate conditioning exercises to strengthen muscles, increase agility, control and power in dance combos.

These classes are encouraged for dancers who would like to improve their technique

to further their dancing

Strength & Flex

This is a dedicated class focusing on stamina, strength, and flexibility. Designed to enhance and support students’ fitness that is needed in higher level dancing. 

Musical Theatre

One of the oldest forms of performance, our Musical Theatre classes not only introduces students to the foundations of singing and acting but teaches students about the history of the style. This class focuses on developing students’ confidence and performance skills which are utilised in their other styles of dance. 

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes teach the moves and grooves which are fundamental to Hip Hop. Students will learn different techniques as well as work on choreography for performance items for the concert and showcase. Looking for a fun and energetic class to discover your inner funk then this is the class for you.